Sakar Pahari • Software Engineer (TDP) • M&T Bank.


About me

Software Engineer (Technology Development Program) at M&T Bank with an interest in programming, networking, and web development. Seeking entry level job to innovate some ideas through programming, and automation.


Java 90%
C++ 80%
Python 70%
SQL 80%
Arm Assembly 80%
HTML 95%
CSS 90%
Javascript 60%
jQuery 60%
PHP 50%


A quick web application which calculates the time how fast your clicks the object.

Test your reaction time!

This is a color guessing game that utilized html, css and Javascript. This game outputs random rgb color numbers and invidual is challeged to guess what color does the rgb number belongs to. There is an EASY mode if you are a beginner and HARD mode if you are a pro.

RGB Color Game

Reverse engineering Amazon Dash Button to do several things like home automation.

Hacking Amazon Dash Buttons
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